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This research aims to describe; (1). the process of teaching English vocabulary through picture sequences, and (2). the problems and its solutions that possibly appear during instructions for students of AMIK at English laboratory.

The research design is descriptive research. This research was intended to describe the process of teaching vocabulary through a picture sequence. The data were made up from interviewing and observation in the class. The writer used one c lass of English communication I level of AMIK students at DCC Bandar Lampung. And the data were taken from the available class, that is class A-1D3-MI3. The writer took all things involved in teaching learning process as the sorce of data. And to complete the data, the writer asked another English teacher as the second observer.

The findings were; The usage of a picture sequence as media for teaching English vocabulary made students eagerly to produce some vocabulary and to be able to memorize words easily. A textbook is not considered a necessary component. Material may be developed by the teacher with using a picture sequence, caricatures, drawings, photographs and the like. Students looked enthusiastic and seriously, also more secure and fun. From the topic delivered, students said that the topics were funny and interesting. Most students said that they also needed a dictionary to help their vocabulary mastery, but they can not memorize some vocabulary directly and a longer time in their mind. The use of picture sequences can motivate students to memorize words by producing some vocabularies and to know their progress and error of words. Building a relationship among students and the teacher was very important and giving trust among them was very needed in producing vocabularies from a picture sequence. There were few students who felt ashamed in making error. When students have idea in producing words and the teacher was ready to give correction, they often felt secure. The teacher was like their friend in a community of learning. So that, the teacher can keep the class under control, and this was not problem appeared dominantly. Students associated one picture with certain thoughts and the use of words choice were complex through students’ imagination which were not all the same. The teacher should have a good vocabulary mastery and had prepared sum of vocabulary that students had already got in the process each meeting in lesson plans. Teacher let them to take more responsibility for their own learning. By understanding how students felt, the teacher can help students to overcome their negative feelings by building trust among students and the teacher in learning situation where students were active and the teacer was creative in order to encourage students in producing and memorizing some vocabularies.

Kata Kunci : vocabulary mastery, picture sequencesTEACHING VOCABULARY THROUGH PICTURE SEQUENCES


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